Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Girls

The Day at the Zoo.

Lexi, Hailey and I went to the zoo and the day we went all the animals were out. We got to see..... Monkeys


They were laying by the window. To cool.


I think the Giraffe's are my favorite.

Cute girls


And little monkeys. Oh wait that's Hailey.

It was a fun day.



Lexi is talking more and more. She is in love with Cars, airplanes and dog. Recently she likes to look at bugs. So every time she sees a car she says, "Car Car Car Car Car Car" Until I say, "That's right that is a car" Same goes for airplane every time she hears one. When she sees dogs she starts to bark at them. And when she sees a bug. "EEEhhhwww Bug". She loves to play out side. I just got her a splash pool so we can stay cool. She loves to play in water. She loves to color and play with play dough. She is a big helper too. If I ask her to help me with something she will do it. If sissy drops her bottle she go over and picks it up and gives it to Hailey. She loves her little sis.

Hailey is crawling all over the place. She is not yet on her hands and knees. She does the army crawl and pushes with her feet. She can move around in the walker pretty good. She will follow me everywhere I go. She sits all by herself but cant sit up from laying down. I think she much rather crawl around then try to do that. She is starting to copy. She claps her hands, she thinks that is so fun. She is such a happy girl, when she's not hungry or poppy. ;) She wants to do whatever Lexi is doing or at least go over and see. She loves her big sis.

Lexi making a funny face.

Hailey wants to play with sissy.Fun little splash pool

She loves it.
Ridding the shark

Daddy needs to cut the grass. Look its almost to her knees.

Funny pic of Hailey sleeping.

Lexi wanted to ride Hailey.
Its not easy to get Lexi to smile for the camera.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Utah/No Doubt

For memorial weekend we went to Utah to see family, friends and No Doubt!!! No Doubt is my favorite band and they went on tour this summer and I had to see them! So I talked Josh into driving to Utah so I could see them. The drive there was not bad. We stayed with Brandon and Sabina(Josh's Cousin). We got there Friday night and meet them at Sabina's birthday party. We stayed up partying the night away. Happy 21 Sabina! Saturday Jamie and Kenny meet up with us at a deli where we were eating and I got to see my niece Nora for the first time. She is cute and tiny. Later we went to see my cousin Dove Who lives with my sister. That night Jamie and Tricia came over to have some stir fry that Sabina made. It was so good. Sunday we just hung out. On Monday Jessica and Madi came over and we went to the park at B&S's apartment. Madi and Lexi loved to swing and slide. They are to cute. Later we went to Ikea just to waist some time before Tricia and I headed to SLC to see No Doubt. We had floor tickets so we had to get there early to be a good spot. We got there a hour and a half before the doors opened. We ended up standing center stage with one person in front of us. We did not move from our spot until the concert was over about 5 hours. We almost got to touch Gwen. ALMOST! It was awesome. I cant wait to see them again.

Lexi and Madi.

Race down the slide
What a good Uncle Brandon is.

Yay Hailey
Sabina and Jessica. Love you girls!
Lexi and Sabina
Brandon and Sabina. Thanks again guys we miss you already.
Me and Sabina
Hailey loves to swing
Aw cute
We are family. This is the first time we filled up our suburban.
Tricia and I waiting to get inside the concert
Thanks Sis for going with me I had a blast!
Waiting for the concert to start
Opening band The Sounds. They were pretty good.
Paramore was good too.
NO DOUBT!!!!!! Thats Gwen
This was my view

Tom on Guitar
Dancing with back up singers Gabrial and Stephen

We sung to her son Kingston. It was so cute.

Check out the body guards.
That's Adrian the drummer right there!!!! I could have touched him but I was to busy taking pictures.
Tony on bass
My view
My view again. Gwen is right there!!!!
I was getting pushed
I love you Gwen!!!
Almost touched her..... Almost again I was to busy taking pictures.
No don't go!

No doubt it was the best concert I have been too. This was my third time seeing them in concert. Love them and there music and cant wait for their new album to come out.

So After I got home from the concert Lexi was up and all night she would not go back to sleep. I had no idea what was wrong with her. So Josh and I were so tired and frustrated the we didn't get any sleep and ended up pack up and heading home. We ended up stopping to see my friend Vanessa who had just had her baby girl. We visited with her for a while and finally went home. It was a long drive. Lexi was not happy and we found out why she was so crabby and grumpy. She was cutting a tooth. It was not a fun trip home or the next couple of days for that matter. Teething is no fun!!! Poor Lexi. I'm happy to say that tooth is in and I can't wait for the rest of them.